TAPPS offers an Education Program every year at our annual convention.  Areas of process serving such as safety, completing affidavits, returns, and proof of service are covered as part of this training.

Technology in our industry changes daily, TAPPS provides vendor training to our members to keep them up on the latest benefits that can impact your business and bottom line.

Private Investigators in Tennessee are required to maintain twelve hours of Continuing Education every two years.  Investigators that attend our TAPPS Convention, earn six hours yearly that are approved by the Tennessee PI & Polygraph Commission.

TAPPS is currently in the process of developing a comprehensive educational program for our members and nonmembers throughout Tennessee.  Training will be provided in the three regions of Tennessee, east, middle, and west.  It will be provided by an experienced process server and will cover many aspects involved with the process server industry.

How to start your business.  Many feel starting a business can be difficult and they are correct if one doesn’t have the right plan to do it right.  TAPPS will assist these members with the basics of starting your business, setting high standards, and maintaining your client base.