tapps_old_logoFounded in 1988

With the number of private process servers growing in Tennessee, process servers Larry Pritcherd, Charles Fineberg, Don Sargent, and Don Burrows of Memphis, held the first unofficial meeting at a local restaurant to discuss industry changes and needs. In the early 1990’s Benny Walker of Knoxville, Sue Lynch and Richard Davenport of Memphis came aboard and TAPPS was formed. They all recognized the need for a unified front representing the process server industry across the state. From this vision, the Tennessee Association of Professional Process Servers (TAPPS) was created and formed in 1995. Averaging from 40 – 100 members on given years, the Association was later incorporated. In 2012, Secretary Jim Belli applied with the IRS and TAPPS was approved as a 501 C3 nonprofit corporation. Moving forward, TAPPS would become the only process server association in Tennessee to become a State Chartered Member of the National Association of Professional Process Servers.

TAPPS Historical Role

Over the last 20 years a number of TAPPS officers and members have attended numerous House and Senate meetings to represent and protect process servers in Tennessee from unwarranted legislative changes that would have had an impact on the industry.  Our members have maintained relationships with Congressman, who would often attend our Conventions and provide the membership with a “state of the state” update on possible legislative changes, proposed licensing or certification changes, and items that could impact how small businesses are operated.

TAPPS Role in the Future

We are constantly moving towards creating a better working environment for process servers in Tennessee, whether it is lobbying for more protection for servers when faced with trespassing charges or seeking a change in state statute that would impose a heavier sentence on individuals who assault process servers while performing their duty for the Court.  We will maintain a close watch on possible legislative changes that would restrict process servers from earning a living working in the process server industry.  While there is a myriad of functions that TAPPS covers over the year, we will continue to work on developing a comprehensive educational program for all servers in Tennessee to help elevate the industry and create an environment where all servers are considered “Professional Process Servers”.

We would like to recognize
previous TAPPS Presidents:

2014 Jim Belli, PI
2013 Jim Belli, PI
2012 Jim Belli, PI
2011 Marti Miller, PI
2010 Rick Cooper, PI
2009 Marti Miller, PI
2008 Tom Mercer
2007 Tom Mercer
2006 Don Sargent
2005 Benny Walker
2004 Larry Wozencraft
2003 Charles Fineberg
2002 Sue Lynch
2001 Charles Fineberg
2000 Charles Fineberg
1999 Benny Walker
1998 Jim Finney
1997 Charles Fineberg
1996 Charles Fineberg