Each member agrees to abide by the provisions and principles set forth herein when dealing with clients, general public, associate members and associates in business as follows:

Duties to Clients, General Public, Legal Entities

All work shall be performed in a professional and ethical manner. Nothing shall be done which would impugn the position or name of this Association or its members or the process serving industry. Everything possible shall be done to protect the rights, interest and confidentiality of clients, entities being served and the legal profession as a whole.

Licenses, Permits, Bonds, Other Requirements

Each member agrees to comply with and keep current during the tenure of his membership all necessary business licenses, bonds, permits and any other requirements mandated by the city, country and/or state in which the member conducts business.

Exchange Work

Each member agrees to handle work sent to him by another member in a professional and ethical manner. It is unethical for a member to contact another member’s client unless specifically directed to do so. A member should never quote his rates to another member’s client.

Proofs of Service, Not Found Returns, Other Reports

All documents shall be returned timely upon completing the work order. Each member shall comply with all instructions given by the forwarding agency. If a proof of service is provided by the sending party, it is mandatory that the serving party use that proof and fill it out in the manner requested.

Financial Responsibility

Each member agrees to promptly pay for services rendered by another member unless other specific arrangements have been made. A member, who is not an owner of the firm for which they work, is responsible for the ethical conduct of the firm for which they work.

Amended 04/27/09